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The FILTHY Series: Bonus Scene #1

Hey y'all!
As promised, at the bottom of this post is the first of 4 bonus scenes that are available in the complete FILTHY series. I will be posting the scenes over the course of the next several weeks. If you missed last week, I posted the epilogue--to read it first, click here.

Before I get to the bonus scene, I have a quick announcement (a good one, I promise!). I recently opened up my own Cafe Press store to sell some of my book related merchandise. I've kept it on the DL because I wasn't sure how everything was going to turn out, but I got my first shirt in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it so much! They come in all different types of shirts as well as a tote bag! To check out the store click here, or click the 'Merch' link above.

Okay, my announcement is officially over...and here is the first bonus scene. Enjoy! -- Remember, if you don't want to wait for all the bonus scenes to come out, you can purchase the complete series on Amazon (free for KU users).

The Very Beginning


It was just a stroll through the mall. I was just going to buy my girlfriend, Marissa, a new bottle of perfume for her birthday. Not that she needed it. Not that I really wanted her to be happy. That was the thing about women, especially the women I dated. They were all a good ten to fifteen years younger than me, and they were all bitches who complained about everything.

Marissa wanted to be wined and dined on her birthday. She wanted me to spend thousands of dollars on her. Fucking ridiculous. But I was going to do it. I knew I would—not because of some sense of chivalry, not because I loved her. Fuck no. That was the farthest from the truth. I was going to buy her some expensive perfume, take her somewhere fucking expensive for dinner, and then spend the night in some penthouse suite. I do these things because I can afford it.

Also, because I like getting my dick sucked, and Marissa, for all her bitchy faults, can suck a dick like a champ, though it was probably because with my dick in her mouth she couldn’t whine and complain. Either way she would be choking on my dick by the end of the night and taking my load in her face. Happy Birthday, Marissa.

The perfume she liked smelled horrible and cost way too much, but I whipped out my credit card and bought it anyway. The lady behind the department store counter fluttered her eyelashes at me. She was pretty, dark skin and short curly hair. She couldn’t have been older than Rhett’s age, barely over eighteen.

“Your wife is one lucky lady.” She pressed the bag into my hand.

“I don’t have a wife.” I imagined how my cock would feel buried deep inside her pussy, and he came to life in my slacks, kicking against the zipper.

She raised her eyebrows. “You don’t?”

In less than five minutes I had her in the back of the clothing department’s storage room, her black dress pushed up over her hips.

“No panties?”
I slid my zipper down freeing my hard cock.
“Not today,” she whimpered.
I jerked a condom out of my pocket and slid it over my hard length. And then

I fucked her—this department store clerk that sold me perfume for my bitchy girlfriend. I fucked her until little cunt spasmed around my cock and I was squirting cum into the condom.

I didn’t get her number. But I’d be back for more perfume, at least that’s what I promised her.

Some people thought that kind of thing only happened in movies, but to me, it happened all the time. I exuded something that women wanted. Especially the young ones. I was in my late thirties, but I had the experienced look about me. The look that said I could make a woman cum over and over. And it wasn’t a lie.

I could.
The walk back through the mall was more enjoyable than the one in. Maybe because I’d just cum hard in a tight pussy, maybe because I was already thinking about how Marissa would wrap her lips around my cock later.

I heard it first. The voice. The soft lilting noise. Part of me demanded I keep going. It was just a small part of my brain. I didn’t listen to it.

I turned and I saw her. She stood in front of the pet shop window. Her long dark hair was braided down her back. She pressed her fingertips against the glass. They were pink, the little nails. The lightest color of pink. It reminded me of the lipstick they put on my sister’s lips after she died. It was so pale, so translucent. Sickeningly pretty.

“I would take such good care of the kitty, mommy. I will use the pooper scooper and clean out it’s poop box. The kitty will love me so much. I will make sure it has food and water,” she chattered on with her nose pressed against the window. My heart pounded in my chest, it seemed to rattle my ribcage.

“No, Faye. I already told you it was out of the question.”

Faye. The name slithered through my head like a snake, wrapping around the sane parts of brain and strangling them until they no longer existed.

I noticed for the first time, that there was someone else with the young girl. My gaze focused on the woman with cheap bleach blonde hair as she wrapped her fingers tight around the girl’s arm. Something in me threatened to snap at the aggressive movement.

“But mommy,” the girl turned and saw her face for the first time. She had round brown eyes that were full of a thousand emotions, so many I couldn’t seem to grasp onto one, they all flew too quickly. “I’ll give it everything it ever wants. I’ll make it happy!”

Something inside me awoke. It was a feeling I’d never experienced before. It was something between desire and protectiveness. Something buried deep between the lines of need and want. All the women I had ever been with had only cared for themselves. They had only wanted me because of my money and my big dick. But the little girl with the clear brown eyes—she wanted to love and care for something that wasn’t herself and that called to me like nothing else had.

“No! And that’s final.”

Anger snaked through me. Who was this woman to deny that innocent, sweet little girl? Who did she think she was?

My feet carried me to them. The girl looked at me. Faye. Seconds before I had been prepared to yell at the trashy blonde mom. I had been prepared to rip her a new one. But when those round brown eyes met mine—Faye’s eyes—the angry words left my lips.

I needed her. This little girl. Suddenly, I needed her more than I had ever needed anything in my life. Those brown eyes seemed stare into my very soul. It was as if she could see all the things I had done. All the fucked up things from my past. She blasted down all my walls and saw straight through me. She wiped the slate clean with her innocence. Just from one look I was something new. Something different than I had been my whole life. The feeling reverberated down to the very core of my being.
I couldn’t yell at the mother. I couldn’t do that and get to know Faye. The little girl who would be mine. I could feel it in my bones. I could feel it in every cell of my being. Faye was meant to be mine. And she would be.

I smiled at the mother. The ugly woman who had yelled at her. I gritted my teeth in my mouth when she noticed me. Her words were lighter when she spoke now. I watched her size me up with her dusty eyes, just like every other woman. I listened to her prattle on for several minutes—this woman whom I’d never met.

“—and this is my daughter Fa—”

“Faye.” Her name felt good on my lips. And she looked up at me with wonder, with his eyes that baptized me in their goodness. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself in that innocence. To immerse myself until there was nothing left of either of us.

I smiled at her. She would be mine—only mine. My baby.

My Faye baby.

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  1. Thank you for the insight into Taylor's sick mind

  2. Did I just as sick as Taylor because it was really interesting to peek Taylor's mind. His obsession with Faye. This is like so fucked up Dd/lg relationship to the max. But still I love Taylor's PoV. Really love it I cannot put words on it.
    Thank you for sharing this. You've done so amazing job with Filthy series. I just finished reading it and wow, your book was left me breathless.